Triangle d’été — The Future Perfect, 2023

The Future Perfect Los Angeles
November 16, 2023 – February 9, 2024
The Goldwyn House

The second part of my collaboration with De La Espada was revealed at The Future Perfect’s Los Angeles outpost The Goldwyn House. It is a dazzling 20th century mansion, the Goldwyn House presents visitors with a residential concept gallery. This appointment-only space was built in 1916 by architect Arthur S. Heineman and most notably occupied by the famed movie producer, Samuel Goldwyn. The experiential and exclusive environment of old Hollywood residence and gallery in one creates a unique space to view culturally important works in a new way.

Le Triangle d’été is an open collection that weaves together the realms of astronomy and geometry. It tells a captivating story, inspired by my recurring dream of stargazing beneath the Summer Triangle asterism in Joshua Tree Park.

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