For several decades, Marbreries de la Seine has been serving the most prestigious architects and decorators in France and around the world. Over the years and projects, remains of rocks called \\\”massive blocks\\\” have accumulated in the courtyard of the marble factory of Pavillons-sous-bois. Fragments of splendid marble but too small to be used in new interior architecture projects. These volumes of stone waited serenely for us to consider them.

\\\”Les Marbreries entrusted me with the mission of rethinking these witnesses of their own history into design pieces. Thanks to the know-how of marble craftsmen, it is the raw beauty of marble that I strive to reveal through a collection of furniture and objects entitled \\\”Fragments\\\”. What we are talking about here is to animate, to give life by offering domestic functions to these inert volumes. »

The \\\”Fragments\\\” collection questions two myths: Greek architecture and Le Corbusier. Composed of furniture and functional objects, from the coffee table to the pen tray, from the chaise longue to the pocket tray, from the console to the floor lamp. Three lines – \\\”Dorik\\\”, \\\”Inik\\\” and \\\”Corinth\\\” – coexist and confront each other, inspired by the three ancient architectural orders: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. This is an explicit reference to architecture.

\\\”To work with marble as a material is to question history. I therefore passionately engaged in a dialogue between craftsmanship and design, drawing inspiration from the three ancient architectural orders: the Doric order and its noble austerity, the Ionic order and its tender volutes, the Corinthian order and its expressive abundance.\\\”

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