Triangle d’été — Amélie Maison d’Art, 2024

Le triangle d’été
18 January – 18 March 2024
Amélie, Maison D’Art
18 rue Séguier
Paris 75006

During Maison et Objet Paris, 18 -18 March 2024, an exhibition of new products for De La Espada Atelier opened at contemporary art gallery Amelie Maison D’Art

The curated collection of abstract art at Amelie Maison D’Art was presented in dialogue with the latest furniture from De La Espada, covering the needs of the dining room, living room and home office. The exhibition was an opportunity to experience art and design in synergy with one another in a comfortable interior space that feels like home.

Nearly the full range of Anthony Guerrée products were on display including autumn 2023 launches Hadar Lounge Chair, Aries Side Table, Deneb Desk, Altair Chair, and Orion Table. These were joined by the newly launched Twenty-Five Bergère Chair by De La Espada Atelier.

The exhibition was named a highlight of design week by publications including Monocle, Financial Times, Sight Unseen, Marie Claire Maison, Milk Decoration, IDEAT, and Beaux Arts.

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